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Day 2 of 1 Week Chastity Challenge

It’s only day two in chastity and I hope you’re already aching. Just remember, you’re sacrificing for Goddess. You’re training to become a better boy under Her control. Keep that cage on, loser, you’ve got a whole week ahead of you, and just by making it to day two, you’ve already sacrificed more than plenty of other pathetic losers that simply couldn’t last. Congratulations, you’ve earned yourself an opportunity to continue proving yourself. I’m going to reward you for obediently remaining chaste, by allowing you to please Princess. How can a loser like you, please a Princess like Me, you might be wondering.. It’s simple. Please Princess with your wallet. Paying Princess is your new sex life. It’s not like you’ll be getting laid anytime soon, in fact you wont be having sex ever again. I’m going to reprogram you to pay Princess when you’re horny, instead of stroking your pathetic dick. You might be stiff and eager to stroke now, but by the time I’m done with you, your little dick wont be able to get fully erect, at least not unless you’re paying Princess. Melt while you worship Her perfect petite body in a tantalizing sheer floral bodysuit. Strain up against your cage as you drool for Her booty and become Her chaste, soft dick, sexless loser.

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