I am a luxury.
An unobtainable brat.

I’m a Dominant exhibitionist tease.
A greedy Goddess that enjoys subduing weak minds into total submission.
A Femdom slut with a superiority complex.

Determined to brainwash you into becoming even more dirty and depraved than I am.

Take the initiative and you’ll find an opportunity to prove yourself worthy to worship and serve My every whim.

Accept your rightful place beneath My bratty feet.
Tribute and thank Me for the opportunity.

I’m a kinky bratty Princess.

An adventurer, a thrill seeker.
Tiny and gluttonous.
The spoiled brat that deserves your hard-earned money more than you do.

Let Me push your boundaries and tempt your limits.
Falling for Me, sinking deeper… Spiraling; It’s easy, and it feels so good.
I can’t help it if I trigger a collapse in judgement..
Hand over your wallet and melt into a puddle.
Drip and drool while you send Me your entire savings.


I adore being ogled over. The simplicity of turning a boy into a drooling puddle of mush is absolutely thrilling.. I can find so much fun in figuring out exactly how to drive a boy nuts, and it’s not hard.. It’s no secret that the primal urge that rages through the veins of a ‘man’ from his brain, down south.. It can cause him to do things that would not normally be done otherwise, and enjoyably so. I will pry you open a little bit at a time & I will feast upon what I find. I am beast like; I am a huntress.. A prowler of the night, I will capture you & ravage your thoughts. I will figure you out and then use and manipulate you to do My bidding, to hand over your cash… To hand over your soul – and chances are, whether you realize it or not – you’ll absolutely love it..
I will make you feel content and satisfied, satisfied to please a Goddess. I will leave you enlightened, light-headed, quivering, and probably a bit dizzy.


I enjoy leaving both Women and men stumbling upon a hazy trail of love-sick despair.
My luminosity; A distinct lure to an ultimately most torturous heart ache.
Abounding desire results in rampant effort and heart ache shall always abide by it’s Master.
A yearning for reciprocation and yet mercilessly thrust with the realization of an undeniable craving that shall never be fully met.
Lusting ambitiously into a pit of burning desire; Passion scolding the purpose of your being.
An irresistible urge, an unattainable obsession unsparingly engulfing your existence.
Heart achingly cruel; I am the devilish succubus which shall forever be the throbbing in your chest.

A Mistress of pain and pleasure, a Goddess of unending greed.

The silhouette dwelling in your nightmares, lurking in your deepest darkest fantasies; The financial succubus enticing your demise.

Use your money to get to know Me better.