Cash and control are better off in My perfect hands, I very simply, deserve it more than you do.

Service and submission must first and foremost be demonstrated selflessly, via your wallet, using your hard-earned cash in hopes of gaining even the slightest bit of My attention; An honor and a privilege in and of itself.

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Cash is the bridge between our beings, where our existence collides.
The only way you’ll ever be able to please Me is with your money.
Bend under the weight of My command, worship My every word and follow My instruction. Spend for Me.

Paying Me is tangible expression. A man whom pays at My command is expressing to Me, a willingness to sacrifice himself in the name of My pleasure, and My pleasure is paramount.

My wants are ever-growing, My greed is truly insatiable, and as My power grows, your bank account and your control dwindle;
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High Priority
Fashion – Clothes/Accessories
Physical Pleasure

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I’m more than willing to exploit a mans weaknesses to get what I want from him.. In fact, I enjoy it. I enjoy twisting and toying with a mans emotions while using his deepest darkest fantasies against him. Cornered into a position that befits him, I will make a man pay to kneel at My perfect petite feet and he will thank Me for the privilege of being reduced to size by an almighty Goddess.

Invading your mind, My superior whim has already begun to entrap you… Fate is sealed.
My perfection disables your thoughts and erects the desire to drain yourself as you become filled with My control, it’s only natural.
The fate of your brain is in My pretty little hands and your wallet is throbbing, aching to be in the same position.

Sacrifice for My pleasure.
Ruin yourself for My amusement.