My Kinks Include;

Body Modifications
CBT Instruction. Slapping, punching, candlewax, rubber bands.
Consensual exposure.
Control; Protocols, micromanagement, making demands and setting tasks.
Feminization/Forced feminization.
Financial domination; Budget control, cutbacks, controlled spending, credit card control, debt slavery, tributes, gifts, generally being lavished in luxury as I so obviously deserve.
Forced feeding/consumption; Weight gain, and both Feeder/feedee.
Humiliation/Public humiliation; Inflicting both verbal and physical.
Ignoring men.
Inflicting Pain; Psychological and physical.
Lingerie; Brassieres, bodysuits, catsuits, cute tiny panties. Lace, latex, leather, satin, velvet, and frills.
Lipstick/Makeup/Nail polish.
Mind fucking; Re circuiting, obsession, addiction, exploitation, interrogation and manipulation.
Orgasm Control; Chastity, Orgasm Denial, JOI, CEI, Forced masturbation.
Pet play.
Shoes/stockings/socks; Collecting and also occasionally selling worn and/or dirtied pairs to a very lucky, life ruining addiction bound recipient.
Teasing, Tease & denial.
Submissive Training.
Worship; Being treated as a religion, altar/shrine creation, Mind, Body & Soul worship, Foot worship, Public displays of affection/admiration.

I film, edit, and produce My own fetish content –
which I distribute via APClipsiWantClips, Clips4Sale, Niteflirt and ManyVids.
My preferred clip shop being ManyVids.
Be a good boy for Goddess, shop through MV, and use one of the following markup codes; Mar33665 to add a 100% markup, or the code Mar44713 to give Me 25% more at checkout.

If you’re seeking to serve your own kinks, that’s fine and I think that can be a lot of fun! Exploration is natural and healthy. The fetish content that I produce may guide you and it’s available for purchase. Linked above are over 850+ different clips, photosets and slave tasks 100% produced and created by Me.

Service and submission differ from kink exploration, fetishism, and just wanting a quick jerk.