Day 1 of 1 Week Chastity Challenge

Marigoddess wants to curb your addiction to jerking off, so She proposes a devious challenge; Lock your itty bitty loser dick inside of a chastity cage for a week. She wants you to sacrifice your orgasms for an entire week under Her control. Under lock and key, you’ll endure seven full days of humiliation, denial, torment and teasing. Wearing shiny booty shorts and fishnet pantyhose, Marigoddess teases you with Her perfect petite feminine curves. Not only does She want to leave you with blue balls, She wants to see how big She can grow the size of your testicles over the course of a week without release. Putting your submission to the test, it wont be a simple task to resist stroking, but one week spent chaste is going to make you a better boy. One week without an orgasm is a tiny trial to see if you can withstand permanent chastity for Princess as Her new slave. Open up your wallet and prepare to pay a fifty dollar chastity fee; A small price to pay for the training in obedience and discipline that a loser stroke junkie needs to restrict their destructive habits. After you pay, Princess instructs you to snap a picture of your little cock in its cage. Send photo proof of your participation to Her email as instructed. Let your brain melt and be a good boy for Princess while you worship Her big bratty bouncy booty without ever touching your loser dick. This is only day one… Will you withstand Her seduction and obediently remain chaste long enough to last until day two?

Find the full clip to participate; iWC, MV, C4S, and APClips.

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