Day 7 of 1 Week Chastity Challenge

This is day seven of My one week chastity challenge, and your head must be feeling so fucked, unlike your unfucked little dick. You’ve been growing your balls for a week, they must be massive by now. Locked inside of an itty bitty cage, you look desperate, and that’s just how I want you, loser. […]

Day 6 of 1 Week Chastity Challenge

You’ve spent six days now locked in chastity without an orgasm. Practically a weeks worth of ejaculation retained in your balls for Me. Your trial in chastity is coming to a close but I’m not done with you yet, loser. Today I’m going to tease and humiliate you mercilessly. Wearing lacey black lingerie and thigh […]

Day 5 of 1 Week Chastity Challenge

Today is day five in chastity for Goddess, and I bet you’re feeling super proud of yourself. Allow Me to annihilate that ego for you, loser. Wearing shiny diamond clad lingerie, I tease and humiliate you mercilessly. As the insults roll off of My devilish tongue and pour out of My red lips, I put […]

Day 4 of 1 Week Chastity Challenge

Four days in chastity for Princess, and She just wants to humiliate and tease you. Marigoddess wants to make your balls grow big and blue, but She wants your little dick to stay soft as you struggle to get stiff in the chastity cage. Soon, you wont be able to get hard at all anymore. […]

Day 3 of 1 Week Chastity Challenge

Three long hard days spent in chastity locked up for Goddess. You’ve proven your obedience, and now She wants to test your devotion. Are your balls aching yet? Goddess will ensure you’ve got big blue balls after She’s through teasing you today. Her perfect petite body is mesmerizing. She seduces your submission wearing a pink […]

Day 2 of 1 Week Chastity Challenge

It’s only day two in chastity and I hope you’re already aching. Just remember, you’re sacrificing for Goddess. You’re training to become a better boy under Her control. Keep that cage on, loser, you’ve got a whole week ahead of you, and just by making it to day two, you’ve already sacrificed more than plenty […]

Day 1 of 1 Week Chastity Challenge

Marigoddess wants to curb your addiction to jerking off, so She proposes a devious challenge; Lock your itty bitty loser dick inside of a chastity cage for a week. She wants you to sacrifice your orgasms for an entire week under Her control. Under lock and key, you’ll endure seven full days of humiliation, denial, […]

Pay Slave Reprogramming Affirmations

So you want to serve, Me, a powerful deity, a perfect spoiled Princess, the one and only… Marigoddess? Of course you do, pet, and with just a bit of reprogramming, you should fit My slave standards in no time. I encourage you to empty yourself of all outside sources, soothing you with My melodic voice […]

Halloween 2017

Creepy. Chilling. Spooky and spell-bound. Halloween is My favorite “holiday”, thus I’ve been exhilarated, creating an erotic exhibit of horrific Halloween inspired Femdom fetish clips that will haunt your nightmares and terrify your every waking thought. Trick or treat. I’m seducing your downfall.   Soulless For Succubus – A nightmarish way to wake up…You feel your […]

Sexless loser reprogramming

Reprogramming and conditioning into acceptance of your new loser life. As Goddess guides you it will become easy to embrace your destiny as you’re (re)introduced to your new life as a sexless loser. Enslaved by the perfect Goddess pussy you’ll never be allowed anything other than to worship. Losers don’t deserve sex and losers certainly […]