Day 3 of 1 Week Chastity Challenge

Three long hard days spent in chastity locked up for Goddess. You’ve proven your obedience, and now She wants to test your devotion. Are your balls aching yet? Goddess will ensure you’ve got big blue balls after She’s through teasing you today. Her perfect petite body is mesmerizing. She seduces your submission wearing a pink bustier with garter straps fastened to cream white stockings. Get on your knees to worship. Kneel under Her lingerie clad curves and pray to Her Princess ass. Are you straining against the chastity cage or are you a soft dick loser? Princess is going to use that chastity cage to completely desensitize your little dick. A hard on will be few and far between for you loser. Paying Princess is your sex life now, and She’s going to rewire your brain to associate pleasure with paying. It’s the only pleasure you deserve, loser. Better get used to that feeling of cold hard metal up against your junk, because She’s going to make you into a sexless chaste loser for life.

Find the full clip; iWC, MV, C4S, and APclips.
Or click here for day 1 to properly participate.

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