Pay Slave Reprogramming Affirmations

So you want to serve, Me, a powerful deity, a perfect spoiled Princess, the one and only… Marigoddess? Of course you do, pet, and with just a bit of reprogramming, you should fit My slave standards in no time. I encourage you to empty yourself of all outside sources, soothing you with My melodic voice while instructing you to repeat mantra after mesmerizing mantra for Princess. Signals and circuitry in your brain become rewired with every word you irresistibly echo. Wearing luxurious symbols of wealth, I reaffirm your loser beta status and guide you into accepting your place as My drone. Lips as red as fire, My words will burn deep into your subconscious. Open your wallet, drool as you worship and melt as you come to accept that going broke for Me is what’s best for you, loser.

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