Day 6 of 1 Week Chastity Challenge

You’ve spent six days now locked in chastity without an orgasm. Practically a weeks worth of ejaculation retained in your balls for Me. Your trial in chastity is coming to a close but I’m not done with you yet, loser. Today I’m going to tease and humiliate you mercilessly. Wearing lacey black lingerie and thigh high boots with just a teensy tiny thong between My ass cheeks, your cock is an easy conquest. I want to make your balls ache. I want to make your testicles grow even more swollen for Me. Blue balls aren’t enough though, I want to really make you hurt. Like the sadist I am, I want to torment you. A little CBT is going to be fun for Me, and a reminder for you of your place as a beta loser. Princess wants you to commit to Her pleasure, even when it means pain for you. Anguish in the pain while you worship Her pussy lips peeking out of Her itty bitty thong. It’s for your own good after all, Princess is making you into a better boy. Be a good boy, tell Me how grateful you are for the opportunity to serve Princess by saying thank you with your wallet.

Find the full clip; iWC, MV, C4S, and APClips.
Or click here for day 1 to properly participate.

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