Day 5 of 1 Week Chastity Challenge

Today is day five in chastity for Goddess, and I bet you’re feeling super proud of yourself. Allow Me to annihilate that ego for you, loser. Wearing shiny diamond clad lingerie, I tease and humiliate you mercilessly. As the insults roll off of My devilish tongue and pour out of My red lips, I put you in your place, and make your big swollen balls ache for Me. I’m going to make those massive blue balls grow even bigger. My big bratty ass in shiny panties is enough to make any Man melt, so naturally, a loser like you spirals deep into subspace while you worship. I want your soft little dick desperately struggling to strain against the chastity cage while you drool over My curvy body. Unable to get fully erect, I want you to feel pathetic. Unable to stroke your own dick, I want you to feel pathetic. Mindlessly stroking all day every day doesn’t serve a soul, least of all Me. So now, paying Princess is your sex life. Locked in chastity, your cock serves true purpose. Princess is making you into a better boy, training you to become the ideal chaste slave. Be a good boy, pull out your wallet and prepare to pay tribute, but make sure you include a ‘Thank you, Princess’.

Find the full clip; iWC, MV, C4S, and APClips.
Or click here for day 1 to properly participate.

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