Day 4 of 1 Week Chastity Challenge

Four days in chastity for Princess, and She just wants to humiliate and tease you. Marigoddess wants to make your balls grow big and blue, but She wants your little dick to stay soft as you struggle to get stiff in the chastity cage. Soon, you wont be able to get hard at all anymore. Not unless you’re paying Princess at least. Paying Princess is your new and improved sex life, paying Princess is your new orgasm. No real orgasms for you, loser. Such a humiliating predicament to put yourself in, but pleasing Princess is all that matters. Demonstrating your submission by paying Princess is one of the only ways that a loser like you can please Her. Pull out your wallet because She’s going to reward your obedience by giving you the privilege of paying per orgasm you’ve sacrificed in chastity thus far. That’s not the only reward She has in store for you today though, loser. Melt while you worship Her bratty body wearing a skintight pink dress paired with stiletto corset laced boots.

Find the full clip; iWC, MV, C4S, and APClips.
Or click here for day 1 to properly participate.

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