Creepy. Chilling. Spooky and spell-bound.
Halloween is My favorite “holiday”, thus I’ve been exhilarated, creating an erotic exhibit of horrific Halloween inspired Femdom fetish clips that will haunt your nightmares and terrify your every waking thought.
Trick or treat. I’m seducing your downfall.


Soulless For Succubus – A nightmarish way to wake up…You feel your cock throbbing…Or, maybe it’s a virgin’s dream come true – A perfect Succubus has your cock under Her possession. She moans while She bounces up and down, only quieting Her enjoyment to take pleasure in explaining what She’s doing to you. She feeds upon your fear and feasts upon your helpless surrender. At least as She takes your soul and puts you back to rest, your virginity will be gone too.




 Candy Corn CEI – Do you think you deserve a treat for Halloween? Ok, loser, but you’ll have to complete a sticky tricky task. I’ll instruct you to jerk off for Me, but no touching until I give you permission. I know My tight young body makes it impossible to resist following My every perfect command and you become too stupid to say no. Make sure you have candy corn ready, you’re getting something sweet this year, but you’ll never look at candy corn the same way again! Wearing cute cotton panties, My plump ass is fat and your cock throbs for Me. I’m going to put you right on the edge of orgasm and then I’m going to torment you a little more, because I think any treat you receive should be accompanied by a little trick!



 Repopulation Instruction – Congratulations, if you’re watching this it means that you’re the very last man on Earth. I’ve invaded your home planet, I may be a cruel leader, but I do what needs to be done in order to encourage a society that flourishes under My supreme reign. I’ve captured the important members of your species – No coincidence that I’m only taking Females back to My own galaxy. As the last man left standing, it is critical that you follow My every instruction if you have any hope of repopulating Earth. My commands may seem unorthodox but don’t dare question Me, this is by no means manipulation… Trust Me, the taste of survival is sweet, human.



 Holoween Haunting – An erotic horror. Graceful and precise; My movements will evoke a chill down your spine. Shiny silver shimmers and pretty gleaming glitters creep through your mind and seep into your every waking thought. Mesmerized and captivated, I put you under My spooky iridescent spell. Haunting your nightmares and your sweetest dreams, you wont be able to shake the thought of Me even if you wanted to. Happy Halloween, or, happy Holoween, I should say.




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