Seduced into becoming My wishlist slave


I know how hot I look in My tiny blue bikini; Powerful and commanding.
I so easily mesmerize you into a mindless drone, seducing you while using your weaknesses against you… I am your ultimate weakness, and nothing seems to compare to surrendering to My greedy whim, nothing seems to feel as good as submission to superior will.

I have a task for you today, I am going to make you into My wishlist slave, and it’s a very important job; Working hard to earn Me money to spoil Me, and lavish Me in luxury as I so obviously deserve.

My greed is ever-growing, as is My desire to use and abuse men. Browse through My wishlist and you’ll see all of the things that I want boys to buy for Me. Pick something/s out and make sure to add a thoughtful gift note for Goddess as you click and spend.

See a preview and find the full clip via iWantMarigoddess and Clips4Sale.

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